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Crypto / Blockchain

Crypto & Defi Fundamentals

Crypto offers an asymmetric investment opportunity as it’s a brand new asset class that’s being adopted by major institutions and corporations. This course will teach you how this asset class fits into our financial system so that you can take advantage for decades to come.

Author: Crypto Noah

6 Lessons
3 Hours

Chart Mastery

In addition to being able to conduct fundamental analysis to justify investing into an asset, you need to be able to conduct proper technical analysis to justify your entries and exits. This chart mastery course will teach you how to read and understand price action  which will aid in helping you create an optimal investing system.

Author: Crypto Noah

7 Lessons
2.5 Hours

Security Protocols

Web3 offers you full custodial rights over your assets. The downside to that is that you have to protect them so that you don’t get hacked and lose your funds. This course teaches you all of the ways you can be hacked and clear instructions on how to avoid all of them.

Author: Crypto Noah

5 Lessons
2 Hours

Advanced Yield Farming

Master the art of finding, vetting, entering, tracking, and exiting liquidity pools to maximize accumulating blue chip assets and/or stable coins passively. This course will help you master and deploy the same market making tactics used by large financial institutions.

Authors: Crypto Noah & Float Locker

40 Lessons
5 Hours

Traditional finance

Financial Accounting

Learn to interpret income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, and gain insights into a company’s financial health. Explore GAAP and IFRS standards, dissect each financial statement category, and lay the groundwork for advanced company valuations.

Author: Chris Stanford

21 Lessons
1 Hour

Stock Market Investing

Discover the fundamentals of the stock market and its inner workings in this comprehensive course. Explore the structure of corporations and their key stakeholders. Learn to evaluate companies using a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics. 

Author: Chris Stanford


39 Lessons
14 Hours

Options Trading

Master long/short strategies such as the ATR options strategy, strangle strategy, and straddle strategy, with real-life trade examples like MSFT. Discover spread strategies, including credit and debit spreads, iron condors, butterfly spreads, and broken wing butterfly spreads, and learn how to adjust them effectively.

Author: Chris Stanford

24 Lessons
10 Hours

Portfolio Management

Delve into the basic framework of portfolio management, exploring our strategy, analyzing the current investing environment, and learning about multi-strategy investing, budgeting, and goal setting. . Master the art of portfolio management with this comprehensive course. 

Author: Chris Stanford

34 Lessons
11 Hours

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Investment Research

What is Yield Farming?

It’s simply the act of loaning out your funds on different platforms to increase their liquidity. Your liquidity is used to help facilitate borrowing and lending or trades on decentralized exchanges, resulting in passive income paid out to you 24/7, 365!

We believe that yield farming done correctly is the best way to generate returns on a risk-adjusted basis. Billions of dollars are being borrowed within crypto, and banks and large financial institutions aren’t legally allowed to provide liquidity within the crypto markets.  So who’s doing all the lending? Everyday people like you and I!

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Hoo Are We

Amidst the greatest wealth-growing opportunity of our generation, bad information and poor guidance are the main obstacles preventing you from making significant profits. Knowit Owlz is a team of seasoned investors and web3 experts. We came together to create a learning platform for ambitious people who desire elite alpha on the best Defi and niche Tradfi investment opportunities. This ensures confidence in your ability to secure the financial future you deserve.

Our Values:  Adaptability, Excellence, Empowerment, Altruism, Candor, Longevity, Humility, Unity.

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Knowit Owlz Vision

Since the very second I understood blockchain technology at a visceral level, I quickly became passionate about the implications it can have on strengthening individual sovereignty. I also recognized the asymmetrical investment opportunity it offers, given that it’s the world’s smallest major asset class, and is slowly being adopted by mainstream financial institutions and corporations. I started my hedge fund to create wealth for my loved ones. I started Knowit Owlz with the intention of empowering the masses with education and tools needed to move the needle on their net worth.

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