Purchase the Owlcademy Course to become apart of our pro investment community. This is an elite web3 and financial course that will help you manage your multi-asset portfolio just like an institution. from a web3 perspective, you’ll Learn everything regarding proper mindset, technical analysis, web3 & Defi fundamentals, proper security & accounting practices, yield farming & advanced Uniswap V3 market making strategies. From a traditional finance perspective, you’ll learn stock market investing, options trading, financial accounting, and overall portfolio management so you hedge the risk between different assets.

Your Owlcademy tuition will put you first in line to receive a Knowit Owl NFT at a discounted rate upon its release. A Knowit Owl grants you access to: 5 calls per week from our expert coaches who specialize in different yield farming/investing strategies as well as, NFT gated access to our Learndash where we update the community on new farms, in-depth research reports, useful tools, special AMAs, as well as access to Knowlan (our propriety A.I.) and a token allocation.

If you mint a Growit Owl with a suit it will win you a free Knowit Owl upon their release!

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